For more than 40 years Hospital Engineering GmbH has been providing customised solutions for the Health Sector. Independent from manufacturers Hospital Engineering accompanies our international clients during all phases of their medical and clinical project developments.

Our services include consulting, hospital design and construction, attractive financial arrangements, equipment provision and installation, user- and application training as well as a comprehensive technical follow-up. As turn-key operator Hospital Engineering offers modern and efficient healthcare facilities, all from one source

Originating from Tuttlingen, the world centre of medical device technology, and in various subsidiaries, hospital designers, medical equipment specialists, biomedical engineers and sales representatives combine “Made in Germany” with the company’s international experience and local know-how



Located in Hamburg, Germany the company’s founder Gerhard Buchmann initiates the business with medical consumables and equipment


Foundation of Buchmann Company in Tuttlingen, Germany with focus on (Medical) Equipment, Spare-Parts and (Medical) Consumables


Incorporation of Hospital Engineering GmbH, which takes over all activities


Our comprehensive approach involves planning, designing, supplying, installing, training and maintaining – we offer various services with an experienced team of professionals, all from a single source. Our integrated service package serves as the foundation of our custom-made solutions which include the design of health facilities, the provision of medical and related technical equipment, along with all consumables, personnel training, and after-sales services such as the availability of spare parts, warranty coverage, and repair services.

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Hospital Engineering specializes in healthcare facility development and provides a comprehensive range of services including equipment provision, installation, maintenance, technical support, and training. The team is comprised of skilled experts from the healthcare sector with extensive professional experience and expertise in various disciplines. The Hospital Engineering Academy offers training courses that draw on this expertise and provide participants with a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained from projects around the world.

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At Hospital Engineering, we provide software solutions that improve patient care and optimize processes in healthcare facilities. Our customized solutions are tailored to suit the specific needs of clinics and hospitals of all sizes. We address challenges related to facility planning, equipment management, and maintenance, with the ultimate goal of helping healthcare organizations enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. Explore our range of innovative healthcare software solutions to learn more.

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